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A Plus Professional Cleaning LLC
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Cross-Trained Back-ups 
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Full Time Supervisors 
Liability and Workers' Comp
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Uniformed - Security Screened 
Nightly Inspections of All Contracts
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A Plus Professional Cleaning    310 K Street Suite 200    Ph. 1(907)602-2998
   On Site Drug & Alcohol Testing    

Not all janitorial services are alike. At A Plus Professional Cleaning (A+), we                  believe that our experience, attention to detail, quality assurance, and                           comprehensive training set us apart.

A+ provides trained janitorial personnel to handle all your janitorial needs in
         compliance with our company policies and safety regulations.

A+ provides trained back-up personnel in case of emergency, vacation or sick               leave.

A+ provides supervision to monitor all janitorial activities to ensure the efficiency 
and quality of our work.

A+ employees wear company uniforms which makes them easily to identify by             our customers and everyone in contact with them.

A+ provides a dedicated management team to ensure that all of our customers
receive the best possible service.

A+ representatives are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assist our
customers with any concerns or requirements.

A+ provides coverage for bond, liability and workers' compensation insurance.

A+ is an Anchorage and Eagle River area janitorial business, specializing in floor           restoration and construction clean-up offering a wide a verity of specialty services         for our costumers convince.